Wednesday, April 12, 2006

US Trade Balance Report / New Links

Time for another of my infrequent updates. :-). If you would like an email notifying you of updates to my blog you can subscribe by submitting your email address in the form on the right. I've had this for awhile, but decided to move it in a more prominent position due to my infrequent updates. ---->

Today's US Trade Balance report was better than expected. For the report I placed a couple GBP/USD trades yielding 52 pips and 26 pips.

A couple new links:

I found this awhile ago, but last Friday was the first chance I had to try it during the NFP. It is a direct Media Player link to Bloomberg TV. It reported the NFP results fairly quick and it is also a great way to get the financial news from Bloomberg TV directly to your desktop.

I have also been using a "World Market Hours" clock that was introduced in a thread at Forex Factory. I have been using it for Forex markets plus there are also clocks for Stock and CBOT. On the left you can click the "Go" button and it creates a smaller clock which is what I prefer. A nice feature I like is it also included holidays so you know which markets will be closed and when and why.

I've added a link to both of these items in the "Forex News & Events" section on the right. Hope that helps the traders out there. :-)


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