Thursday, March 16, 2006

NSFG Reminder

I hope nobody has forgotten the NSFG pooled program will close to new members on March 25th. :) The date is quickly approaching. The managed account service will remain open to new investors.

For NSFG pooled program information click the NSFG link. It is in the ”Stable Low Risk Programs” section on the right. For more due diligence information, I recommend going to the Golden Horizons forum. Link is on the right. Once inside, send a PM to “Grubling” asking for access to the NSFG section.

This is a solid program and once you see the DD information you will know there is real Forex trading. So far each month the pooled account has had positive earnings. This isn’t a quick money HYIP. This is for long term steady growth and has a low minimum entry. This program is my favorite because it has been profitable and, in my opinion, there is no doubt there is real Forex trading.


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